Supply of Venti Oelde Equipment and Spare Parts. GERMANY
Anti-Knocking Additive Demulsifier Green Dye Heavy Fuel Oil
MMT (Methylcyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl) NMA (N-Methylaniline)
Auto Gas Stations for LPG and LPG Bottling Plants Level Gauges Level Gauges
Pumps, Regulators Safety Valves Several Accessories Including
Pipes, Fittings & Valves
Bend Pipes for Bulk Material Transport Complete range of Blowers and Compressors Complete Range of Gear Motors, Gear Boxes and Pumps Expansion Joints
High Pressure Pipes & Elbows Swivel Joints Steam Trap Valves Valves (Ball, Butterfly, Check/Non-return, Circulation, Gate and Globe Valves)
Pumps, Motors & Compressors
Complete range of Blowers and Compressors Complete range of Gear Motors & Gear Boxes Complete range of Pumps Re-circulation Pumps
Re-circulation Valve Feed Pumps
American coding system, FEP/FPA Encapsulated ‘‘O’’ Rings Gland packings Gasketings Kamlock Seals
Mechanical seals
Steam Turbines
Supply of Skinner Power Systems Equipment & Ppare parts. Steam Turbines (Custom Made) Steam Turbines Driven Generating Sets and Spares