Air is the medium Venti works with. Research and development, planning and consulting, manufacturing and service, whatever we do, the emphasis is on innovative air technology. Venti Oelde plants and components are used for collecting, handling and filtering of air, vapors, gases, dust and airborne solids.

An enthusiastic, experienced and knowledgeable team, numbering 250, ensure that individual customer requirements are implemented under economical and technical fashion. The resulting solutions are innovative, efficient, cost-effective and forward-looking, which are appreciated all over the world due to our technological leadership.

Maintenance, servicing, inspection, repairs as well as plant upgrading, rationalization and enlargement complete the available services. A large number of experienced technicians, specialists and our agent’s teams ensure quick and expert support to all the business partners globally.

Venti fans combine intelligent technology with outstanding quality. They are the first choice where safe operation and high availability are required alongside optimum efficiency and low energy consumption.