Hot Gas Circulation Fans

Circulation blower, operates at temperatures of up to 1000 °C

Hot gas circulating fan for heat-treatment furnace in an aluminium works

Effective fans for hot processes

Our circulating fans can withstand temperatures of up to 1,000°C and are used for tempering, annealing and hardening furnaces, as well as for core drying. To operate the furnace system economically an even and fast exchange of heat is required. The air cooling system used by Venti Oelde has proved itself again and again under the toughest conditions. The Venti Oelde Duplo shaft cooling system prevents the transfer of heat from the furnace through the shaft to the particularly sensitive roller bearings.

The impeller has a special shape and is made of heat-resistant materials to allow high gas flow rates. This ensures that the material in the oven is quickly and evenly heated or cooled. The circulating fan impellers are tempered in the annealing furnace before final machining. This prevents warping when used at high temperatures. The long service life of Venti Oelde hot gas circulating fans is well known.

Take advantage of our many years of extensive experience. Getting the correct advice about the system parameters is decisive for the quality of a fan and thus for the reliable operation of your furnace design. Particular care is required in the selection of suitable heat-resistant steels and alloys, and of suitable shaft seals as well as the design of the volute casing and the air-channelling systems in the furnace.